Nemo Moonlite™ Reclining Camp Chair MANGO/FROST


Moonlite™ brings comfort to the backcountry — and backyard, beaches, and more. Easy to set up and barely noticeable in your pack, it’s the go-to adventure chair that boasts a major bonus: adjustable reclining support. Moonlite has a unique pulley system built into the armrest straps that allows you to easily adjust your sitting position on the fly. Simply pull on the custom buckles and lean back to go from upright at dinner to stargazing after dark. (Pull again while sitting up to return to upright support.) The chair’s engineered frame uses oversized tubes paired with forged aluminum hubs to create exceptional strength and stability despite the chair’s light weight. Its custom-engineered mesh seat stretches to accommodate and support a variety of body types, offering seamless and supportive comfort. This unique seat attaches to the frame with satisfying ball-and-socket connectors that rotate and align with your body to avoid any uncomfortable pressure points. True to our mission of sustainability, Moonlite uses 100% post-consumer recycled materials for the webbing and mesh, while the reclining hardware and seat mesh are bluesign® approved.

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Packed Size
14.0 x 4.0 x 14.0 in / 35 x 10 x 35 cm
20 x 20 x 26 in / 52 x 51 x 65 cm
Packed Weight
2 lb , 2 oz / 956 g
Weight Capacity
300 lb
Stuff Sack Style
Zippered storage bag


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