Take control of your water quality.GRAYL's filtration technology creates safe, great tasting water on the go with no prolonged waiting (gravity filters), pumping, squeezing or sucking. Our unique interchangeable filter system provides varying levels of protection. The TAP Filter removes many chemicals and heavy metals, our TRAIL Filter adds protection from bacteria & protozoan cysts, and the TRAVEL Puifier provides the ultimate defense against viruses while traveling in developing countries or highly impacted wilderness areas.

Virus protection. Bacteria & protozoa protection. Improves health, flavor, odor & clarity. Shelf life. Lifespan 300 uses (40 gal / 150 L)

฿ 1,050 ฿ 1,050

Filter chemicals, metals, bacteria & protozoa.

฿ 1,050 ฿ 1,050
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