40568 - K470 DIM. 21.62x13.75x8.62"


หมวดหมู่ : STORAGE ZARGES Aluminium Box

แบรนด์ : ZARGES


The K 470 product range offers an exceptional selection of 25 standard sizes. Their capacity ranges from 13 L to 829 L. Special sizes are also available.

Lid with stainless steel hinge strip, two lid straps and foamed seal all round.
Stacking corners made from diecast aluminium ensure safe stacking.
High level of stability due to 3 fully-welded aluminium profile frames.
UN approval for the transportation of hazardous goods possible at additional charge.
ZARGES Comfort handles for ergonomic handling and loads of up to 50 kg.
Depending on height, beading all round and corner beading for extra stability of form.
Snap fasteners: can be secured with a plug lock, lead seals, protection against bursting open or a padlock (max. shackle thickness 6 mm).
25 standard sizes, customised sizes on request.
Ergonomic & durable C. fasteners for at least 20,000 operating cycles.
Extra thick 1.5-mm sheet metal for all K 470 containers from basic dimensions of 750 x 550 mm.
Hints and special features
Clearance measurement approx. 30mm (1.2") less than internal dimension (length and width). Special sizes on request.
IP 65 rating available at add charge.
Embossing available at additional cost.
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