Model C1-833-TN


แบรนด์ : DoD


It is a 1.5-seat sofa that parents and children can sit together or hold a child and sit comfortably.
Wide design with a luxurious size so that if you sit alone, you can sit cross-legged on the top.
Comes with a fluffy cushion cover that allows you to enjoy relaxing time at the camp.

Wide size that parents and children can sit on
Wide seat design that allows adults and children to sit together or sit comfortably while holding a child.
It is the size that you can cross-legged on the top if you are alone. You can spend a luxurious time relaxing at the camp.


Can be folded and taken out with a pattern
A handle is attached, and it can be easily taken out by folding it in a pattern.


Comes with a cushion cover that can be washed completely
Comes with a cushion cover containing fluffy cotton. It can be removed and washed completely, so you can rest assured that it will get dirty in the camp.


Mesh switchable
If you remove the cushion cover, you can use it as a chair made of mesh material.
The wind allows you to stay cool in the summer camp.



Features of each part

Armrest with drink holder
Uses a calm wooden armrest. A drink holder is placed.


Lightweight design that can be held with one hand
Because it uses a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, it can be carried with one hand.


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