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THE BUCKET YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED. Built for lugging, loading, and getting the job done.The unsung hero of hard work deserved a little attention. Our ultra-durable LoadOut® Bucket is designed for lugging, loading, hauling, and bailing. Whether you’re at the ranch, on the boat, or in the garage, our 5-gallon bucket is nearly indestructible and ready to work. Just don't depend on it for keeping ice cold — that's your cooler’s job. Please note: This product is not a cooler. Accessories sold separately.SURESTRONG™ BUILD This workhorse is high-impact-resistant and virtually indestructible.EASY TO CARRY No more scrawny metal handles. Our HeftyHauler™ Handle is designed for easy hauling and comfortable carrying. Plus, the LipGrip™ Handle encircling the bucket helps make lugging heavy loads less of a chore.

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