Goodluck sofa Model CS2-500-KH

Categories : DoD FURNITURE

Brand : DoD

A two-seat sofa that makes the camp much more luxurious.
We have improved the difficulty of storing in the car, which was the biggest neck of a sofa that can be carried with one hand, and made it possible to use it as a shelf to help storage.

Good rack function that becomes a shelf in the car
You can use the sofa as a shelf by removing the fabric on the back and putting it in the luggage compartment of the car. The two-seat sofa, which had a neck for storage during camping, helps with storage.
* Depending on the size of the luggage compartment, it may not be usable as a shelf. Please check the luggage compartment size of your car before purchasing.

Benefits of rack storage
The ability to store in two stages makes it easier to put things in and out. You can quickly access luggage that is often placed at the bottom when loading, such as cooler boxes and container boxes. You can also prevent the load from collapsing.

Compact folding storage
When not used as a shelf, it can be stored thinly by folding it in a pattern. Since the width is designed to fit in the luggage compartment width of a general car, even a car with a narrow luggage compartment can be stored.
* Depending on the size of the luggage compartment, it may not be possible to store it sideways. Please check the luggage compartment size of your car before purchasing.

Comes with a cushion cover that can be washed completely
Comes with a cushion cover with fluffy cotton. It can be removed and washed by hand, so it is safe even if it gets dirty in the camp.
* It is also possible to use it without a cushion cover.

Major features

Light weight that can be held with one hand
Because it uses an aluminum alloy frame, it is extremely lightweight at 5.5 kg, and even women can carry it with one hand.

One-touch structure
It can be opened and closed as easily as a normal pipe chair.

Wooden armrest
Uses a calm wooden armrest.

600D polyester
PVC coating is applied to the high-strength 600D polyester material.

Two-seater size
The seat width is designed to be smaller than the conventional product so that it can be placed sideways in the luggage compartment of a car, but the seat width has been kept so that two people can sit comfortably.
* It seems that it is small when two large adults sit down, so please check the seat size in advance.

Load capacity 160kg
By adopting an aluminum alloy frame and a high-strength 600D polyester material, it is lightweight and clears the necessary and sufficient static load capacity of 160 kg.

Reinforcing belt
In addition to the hook-and-loop fastener, the back fabric is supported by a belt. You can fix the back fabric more firmly.

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