Charge 20 - 5,200 mAh


USB Power Bank Power For Every Carry

Brand : BioLite


The BioLite Charge Series features an ultrathin and durable stainless steel design to bring you power that crosses over from the backcountry to everyday carry. The silicone gasket makes the Charge 20 dunkproof, ready for spills or unexpected rain. The Charge 20's 5200 mAh power supply can charge 2 full phones, lights, fitbits, or any other gear you need to keep your day going.
Weather resistant, stainless steel USB Power Bank
5200mAh / 3.6V battery (2x smartphone)
Dimensions: 0.82" x 1.5" x 3.98"
Weight: 5.8oz.
Charge Times
Tech Specs
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